We are pleased to support a collaborative art project born in Italy from an idea of artist Kris Nataro'

against the indifference to nature and the enviroment. 


A worldwide artistic initiative in memory of David Stroh Buckel (1957 – 2018), an American LGBT rights lawyer and an environmental activist.

D. S. Buckel died on April 14, 2018, by self-immolation as a protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Kris's aspiration is to organise a worldwide art show dedicated to the memory of David Buckel to highlight his work in defence of the rights of vulnerable members of society and his protest against damage to nature and the environment.

As an active environmentalist, he died of self immolation after setting himself on fire to protest pollution, leaving a note to the police in which he said:

“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather,” he wrote in the email sent to The Times. “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

Source: NYT, 2018


Why is it important to remember David?

Because he sacrificed his life for an important message that has been incredibly snubbed by many and Kris feels that his cause was a just one and inspired her in her new artistic inititative. It is from Rome that her message of peace and environmental awareness was launched to all artists worldwide who believe in her cause and share her ethos. 


"In this era of unique and hopefully unrepeatable pandemic,

we must have learned that we are all  vulnerable, white, black, poor and rich.

COVID does not spare religions, races and has no borders.

For the first time in history we are all the same." Kris passionately says to all of  us



Kris's Call to Entries


Use art as a powerful mean of communication.

Kris is inviting artists worldwide to join her art petition called 'Open Your Eyes'' against blindness and indifference towards climate change and the impact on the environment and society.


It is a global call to artists across multiple disciplines to join in with her sending their creation of a pendant element to assemble a collective art installation where each signed piece contribute to form an exclusive gigantic art petition, equally effective as a tradtional written petition.


It aspires to be a powerful request for a definitive shake up in supporting positive environmental practices and raising wolrdwide awareness. 

The installation will grow to be so large that it will attract the attention of politicians and the media, calling for a positive response from corporations, environmental associations,

peer groups and communities across all level of society. 


Your Art is your Signature!

Contemporary artists working anywhere in the world, at any stage of their career are invited to sign up with their artwork piece. 


1.  Draw/paint an eye/nose/mouth on both sides of a cardboard (preferably recycled)


2. Send them via post addressed to:


Kris Nataro'

Open Your Eyes Petition

Associazione La Farfalla

Parco Pianeta H

Via di Castel Fusano 152

Ostia Antica




Additional information

The installation project launched publicly on  April 14th (commemoration day of the death of David Buckel) and will run until December 2025 to coincide with the Paris Climate Action Plan.

The aim is to have a roaming worldwide exhibition to gain a worldwide response with the petition.

It is also an active invitation to professioanl across the sector for art curators, influencers, journalists, environmentally engaged art organisations, education establishments that share the same ethos as Kris and Buckel's.

The project will be associated with video, sounds and a massive use of social media engagement in order to make David Buckel's message known to as many people as possible and receive a worldwide response. 


Hashtag:  #openyoureyes

For further information please email:
E: natarokris@gmail.com


Follow on social media:

@krisnataro'   @roma.gratis     @krisna.design_art