Island2IslandArt 2021 




Applications to Island2IslandArt 2021 are now closed.


The second edition of Island2IslandArt will take place in an ever-changing cultural and artistic environment highly affected by the 2020 pandemic.

In a spirit of optimism and anticipation for a return to normality and face-to-face encounters, we called all artists, British and international, for a selection of artworks to be displayed in our planned exhibitions taking place in the summer in Coventry, and  in London in autumn.

A hybrid format (physical-virtual) is planned if restrictions are still in place.


The Brief:


The original aim of our event, to deepen the cultural awareness of Sardinian art and culture, continues to be fundamental to our brief, particularly in this post-brexit times.

On this year exhibitions, however, we are extending the discourse of remoteness and bridging gaps to include all islands in the world. 

The objective is to  open up a space for artistic connections in celebration of each other's heritage, cultural diversity and human connections.

Artists responding to the call sent their interpretation of the theme to form a group exhibition which include artworks across a variety of subjects and medium.

Artists Line-Up 


Ana Maria Serna (Sardinia)

Andrea Mameli (Sardinia)

Bernadette Pardeu (Sardinia)

Cat Coultier (UK)

Clay Ferrarese (Sardinia)

Enrico Deiana (Sardinia)

Gianluca Pisano (Sardinia/UK)

KV  Duong (UK)

Laura Parker (UK)

Manfredo Weihs (Austria)

Maria Senes (Sardinia)

Maria Pasqua Scanu (Sardinia)

Michele Bertoni (Sardinia)

Rian Hotton (UK)

Susan Clare (UK/Jamaica)



Exhibition Dates


Coventry - TBC

London - 02 - 10 October 2021 




Coventry - TBC

London - J/M Gallery,  Portobello Road, W11 1LJ


A virtual exhibition is also planned to complement the physyical exhibitions. 

For further information please get in touch with us:



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