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Island2IslandArt is a project for an exhibition event born with the aim of presenting contemporary works of Sardinian and International artists in conversation.  Since the closure of our first event in October 2020, it has grown and developed in fascinating means of collaborations.


Our original aim to deepen cultural awareness of Sardinian arts and cultures continues to be fundamental to our brief, particularly in this first post-brexit year, however we are extending the discourse of remoteness and bridging gaps to include all islands of the world to open up a space for artistic connections and broadcast each other's own heritage in a unique platform to celebrate our unique diversity and human association.



event invitation 


Contemporary artists of any nationality are invited to submit original artworks inspired by Sardinian arts and culture suggesting the connection (direct or indirect) and individual experiences among islands.  


Themes might include: communalities and contrasts of cultures and heritage; immigration/emigration; urbanism versus countryside; environmental issues; isolation and ways of networking.




PR & Events Manager

Director & Curator

Rita Carta Manias

Sara Pusceddu

Island2Island Art Team


OPera Rita Ltd 

Developing People's Potential

To find out more or join our sponsorship programme please email: 

Sara at: info@island2islandart.com


We have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise £4500 in support of the project. 





100% of the funds raised will go to the run of the programme and to support artists who may otherwise be unable to partecipate.